Top 5 Benefits of Having Direct Mail Marketing Strategy 2022

Receiving a letter always feels special as it is personal and tangible. Direct mail is considered something of the past when it comes to marketing, as no one checks their mailbox regularly. However, when the global pandemic hits, the urge to maintain physical contact with the outside world becomes huge. It further leads to the popularity of direct mail marketing. This article will discuss the benefits of digital mail marketing as an effective marketing strategy for 2022.

Benefits of direct mail marketing strategies

Letters, postcards, catalogs, etc., are different means of direct mail. Among them, postcards are a preferred choice for marketers. Let’s discuss the various benefits of postcards in direct mail marketing.

Affordable and easy to launch

The price of direct mail varies based on their designs, marketing copy, printing, distribution, etc. While the in-house team of various organizations is responsible for most of these aspects, brands need to pay for printing and mailing. It is an affordable means of marketing to reach your target audience effectively. Further, you may get same-day printing in many cases, saving your time. It further helps it easy to launch your postcard campaigns. With graphic artists designing your postcards and a mailing list ready, all you need to do is print them and mail them.

Postcards are personal

Postcards are usually short and simple. As a result, even if the buyers do not plan on buying anything at that point, they may still choose to keep the postcards. In such cases, they might act as a constant reminder of your brand offerings, encouraging them to buy from your brand whenever you need them.

Besides, postcards provide a personal touch between sender and receiver. It helps your potential customers to bond with you on an emotional level. It leaves you with plenty of scopes to express your creativity to drive your readers’ interests.

Branding opportunities

Postcards can help to build brand recognition effectively. It allows you to establish your brand as an authority, offering unique products and services, etc. Further, you may include a QR code in your postcards to let your readers learn more about your brand online.

Allows diversity

With effective strategies, you can use your postcard campaigns in various ways. For instance, some postcards may offer special discounts, while others can offer critical information or encourage readers to take action. With visually attractive designs, you can grab your audience’s attention for a long. Moreover, the postcard being a tangible object, is likely to stay as a reminder on your audience’s mind for quite some time.

Results are measurable

You can send postcards to intended audiences with a mailing list at hand. Therefore, you can focus on a specific geographical area or target a specific group of people to promote your business. You can buy a mailing list based on geographical location or buying behavior to achieve more positive results.

You can measure the results of a postcard campaign. You can ask your recipients to fill out the postcards to send them back to you or encourage them to leave a reply online. It would help you measure the number of leads generated or the revenue and profit you earn.


Due to busy schedules, it is natural for people to lose interest in listening to long videos or reading about lengthy product details. As a result, marketers are always trying to present something unique and creative to raise the interest of their audiences. In this aspect, postcards and other forms of direct mail marketing are getting more popular. These direct mails excite your readers, and they know the details of your brand offerings. You can combine creativity and the practicality of marketing to reach your desired audiences. Moreover, printing postcards in bulk will also help reduce its overall production cost. It further helps you earn revenue and increase profit for your brand.