Social Media Marketing

People Spend A Significant Time Of Their Day On Various Social Media Channels. Hence, Businesses Should Use This Platform To Market Their Products And Services To Their Audience. Besides, The Choice Of Visiting Various Platforms Also Varies Between Audiences. Identifying Your Target Audience And Selecting The Platforms They Visit Often, Will Help Businesses To Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing.

Services we offer

As a digital marketing agency in Charleston, SC, Simple Brands Media offer following social media marketing services

Channel specific social media services

Depending on the nature of our clients’ business and their audience, we decide on the platform that would benefit them the most. For instance, if our client has a B2B business, they will mostly be benefitted from having a LinkedIn profile. Each social media platform works differently than the other. We offer social media marketing services on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others.

Developing strategies

Often many businesses start using social media to promote their brand without putting much thought behind them. Here we come into play. Once we determine the social media channel(s), we carry out researches about the client and their audience. Our digital marketing services Charleston, SC, include deciding on the type of content and information we should publish on these channels. We also focus on researching the business-relevant keywords along with carrying out tests and analysis of different networks and types of content.

Social Media Setup

As a digital marketing agency in South Carolina, we also set up social media accounts for our clients on various channels. Many of our clients often need to focus on different aspects of their business, which left them very little time to focus on creating a social media account. We relieve them of this stress and set up their account on their behalf.

Creating and publishing Content

Once we take care of account creation, we shift our focus on creating appealing and engaging content for your audience. We promote the content on cross platforms. Most often, we need to design some forms of content to make them useful on social media. A lot of research goes on behind content creation. Every business is unique, and so is their audience. We can create different forms of content to promote your brand on social media. We also promote your blogs and can advise you on how to obtain user-generated content to improve engagement.

Research and Analysis

As one of the trusted social media marketing companies in Charleston, SC, we at Simple Brands Media carry out thorough researches in terms of social media marketing. We further use the various analytic tools to gather information regarding your audience’s preference and interest. It further helps to create engaging content for them. We carry out researches on the trending topics and hashtags so that it helps in content creation. It helps in establishing a positive brand image that implies that you are aware of what’s going on in your industry.

Being one of the top advertising agencies in Charleston, SC, our services are not just related to using digital technologies to promote your brand. Often our clients are not aware of the usefulness of digital marketing for their business. We must educate and make them aware of the same.