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Logos Are An Important Part Of Your Brand Recognition. It Is A Symbol Or Design That Helps Your Audience To Identify Your Brand. We Create Unique And Aesthetically Pleasant Logos For Your Brand That Are Easy On Your Eyes.

Memorable logo

As a digital marketing agency Charleston, SC, we are aware that a simple yet memorable logo makes a good impression for a brand. Additionally, we also understand that since you might need to present a logo across various platforms such as your website, business cards, and maybe even on billboards, we ensure that they are versatile. Besides, trends may come and go. Therefore, to ensure that your logo holds value for a long time, we work to make it timeless, so that it stood relevant irrespective of the ongoing trends. This step is applicable only if you have an existing website. However, if we build your website from scratch, we consider all these factors.

Researching the nature of your business

To create a logo that represents your brand perfectly, we need to carry out detailed research regarding your business. The more grasp we have about your business and audience, the more it would help us in designing the appropriate logo for your brand.

Choose timelessness over trends

Often graphic designers follow the trend in terms of choosing color, pattern, and font style of your logo. However, when trends change, you might feel the need to redo your logo to a more contemporary one. We at Simple Brands Media ensure that your logo stands the test of time. It will save you the worry you might have regarding whether your audience will value your brand even when the trends change.

Creating a logo in black and white

As a part of our digital marketing services Charleston, SC, we take the art of designing the logo very seriously. As we focus more on the design than the color scheme, we create it first in black and white. There can be instances when you need to print your logos without colors such as while making photocopies. To ensure that your logo design is memorable across all platforms we create them first without colors. This phase can take a little bit of time till it satisfies you. Next, we put colors and work out the combination in which it would stand out the most. Keeping the business logo simple is what we recommend.


As mentioned earlier, we understand that you might need to print your logo on various mediums. Hence we ensure that your logo should not lose its sense of proportion no matter where it is printed. Even if you print them on your business card or a pen, your logo should be simple and clear enough that your audience could easily recognize them.

Testing across platforms

As a digital marketing agency in Charleston, SC, before finalizing the logo, we recommend testing it on various mediums. Since they will appear different based on the medium they are printed on, testing is an important step that we should follow. We suggest testing on mobile apps, packaging design, website, etc.

Design in different tones

Since all mediums are not created equal, we ensure that your logos are adjustable. You should be able to change the color and the positioning of your logo if need be. We also ensure that the logo we create should possess enough potential to be edited to meet the requirement of the particular platform where it is presented. Want a business logo that your audience can easily recognize? Share with us your requirement, and we will create the most appropriate logo for your brand.