About Us

About Us

Simple Brands Media is a trusted digital marketing agency in Charleston, SC. We are a team of experienced web developers, designers, SEO specialists, social media marketing experts, and content writers. We understand how digital technologies are playing a significant role in terms of marketing and advertising. This understanding helps us to offer digital marketing solutions to our clients to promote their brand.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term used for a wide range of services such as website development, setting up social media accounts, and developing marketing strategies for the same. It also includes making a website SEO friendly to rank them higher on search engines and drive more web traffic. Feel free to contact us for your digital marketing requirements, and we would be happy to help you.

Our Mission

We understand the significance of utilizing digital mediums in the marketing of a brand, This lead us to establish Simple Brands Media. Our mission is to make our clients realize how these technologies will benefit in the promotion of their business along with the products and services they offer. We aim to help our clients make the most of the digital marketing services in Charleston, SC to achieve their business goals.

Our Business

We are a business to business (B2B) company that offers digital marketing solutions to businesses to improve their online visibility, reach a larger audience, generate leads, and improve business conversion. Irrespective of whether you have partial or detailed knowledge of digital marketing, we offer our services for you. We take care of the marketing of your brand on the digital platforms; so that you will be free to focus on other important aspects of your business.

How We Work

If you have an existing website and a social media business page, share with us the details, so that we can run an audit to find the areas that need improvement. Otherwise, if you want us to start with the basic steps, then also we will be happy to help you.