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Content marketing is one of the significant areas of digital marketing for every form of business. However, while developing a content marketing strategy for business the common question that we often face is ‘What is the right form of content to focus on?’

One of the digital marketing services Charleston, SC of Simple Brands Media is to create, publish, and distribute content for our clients. It would help in spreading brand awareness. Additionally, through unique and relevant content, we aim to present our clients to the right audience who were looking for their products, information, or services. And again, through compelling content, we encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

How we can help

Each Type Of Content Serves A Different Purpose. Hence We Put Up A Lot Of Effort To Decide The Types Of Content To Focus On Depending On The Medium Where They Would Be Shared.


Blogs are quite a popular form of content. Besides, they are useful to improve the rankings of your website on search engines and drive traffic to your website. Additionally, you can use them to improve your relationship with your leads and customers. The more relevant and valuable content, you offer them, the more trust you can gain from them. As a result, when the time to make a purchasing decision will come, they are likelier to consider your brand. As an SEO company in South Carolina, we create SEO friendly original and relevant blogs that your audience and search engines can find easily against relevant keywords. We further promote these blogs across various platforms to improve your online visibility.


To stay ahead of the competition you can create engaging content that will grab the attention of your audience. For this purpose, videos can be useful. Irrespective of the nature of your business, you can yield benefits from such content. If you are in a service industry, you can share some behind the scenes videos, or you can create some informative videos for the benefit of your audience. As a digital marketing agency Charleston, SC, we recommend our clients to share personalized videos that we further promote on various platforms.


Infographic content is also quite effective in driving your audience’s attention. They have better visual effects, and the audience also finds them engaging. Besides, this type of content helps in establishing your brand as an authority in your market. Infographics are also useful in systematically presenting data and statistics. Additionally, this form of visual content helps your audience to understand any given topic better. If you can provide us with data, we can create and distribute such content across various social media platforms that will help in gaining more engagement.


Interviews have also proved to be an engaging form of content. You can arrange interview sessions with industry experts or even with your customers. Many service-based industries recorded interviews with their customers to highlight how their business has helped their clients. This type of content is informative, and your audience can learn about challenges, how to overcome them, etc. We can promote these forms of content on various platforms and also can support them by creating blogs or social posts.

Social Media Posts

A part of our content marketing services in Charleston, SC, , is to create engaging and informative social media posts for our clients. We also use images to gain the interest of your audience and distribute them on various social media channels. This form of content presents an opportunity for your audience to share their opinions, and you can engage them on these platforms.

Share with us your business goals, and we can advise and develop effective content marketing strategies for your business.