Top Website Trends you Will Witness in 2020

Every website owner has a few seconds to grab the attention of their audience and motivate them to spend a long time on their website. It is critical in improving the website’s ranking on search engines. Therefore, they put a lot of effort in creating visually appealing designs for their website to hold the attention of their audience. Trends concerning website designs are changing with every passing year. The year 2020 is also expected to be not an exception. There are endless possibilities, and you can witness how designers at various Charleston website design companies are reinventing and experimenting with new ways that are not only easy on eyes but also quite refreshing and innovative. In this article, we will discuss some popular website design trends that you are likely to observe in 2020.

Popular Website Design Trends for 2020

The following are some of the popular trends you are likely to come across this year.

Dark Mode

This type of website design trends appear modern and gave a pleasing appearance. Besides, different colors and other design elements also stood out in dark mode website design. These themes are appropriate for OLED screens and help in saving power that further helps in extending the life span of the screen. Dark backgrounds are dynamic and complement other design trends with a dark color or glowing neon color schemes. Many businesses prefer to have their website with this type of design. As a part of digital marketing services Charleston, SC, any website designing agency can create your website based on this type of theme.

Immersive 3D elements

The audience has always found 3D visuals to be appealing. However, in previous years, designers could not make the most of this feature as a part of the website design is since they are expensive. However, at present, you can create 3D designs without the use of expensive tools and equipment. As a result, it has opened the avenue of using 3D designs to many website designers.

Until Virtual Reality became a widely accepted and cost-effective technology, designers use hyper-realistic 3D to create immersive designs for your website. It not only creates great visuals but also provides better user experience (UX). This type of interactive 3D design encourages website visitors to spend more time on a particular website. In 2020 also, you can expect to observe more immersive 3D designs for websites that are going to erase the line between digital space and reality in terms of visuals.

Imperfections to add personality

Hand-drawn design elements add a touch of emotion to the websites. Moreover, users also appreciate such website design trends. As a result, website designers are incorporating these elements while designing websites. With the help of these unique, stylish, and hand-drawn designs you can establish a personality of your brand. This further will set you apart from your competitors. In this present year, we expect to observe more designers coming up with hand-drawn images and illustrations on their website to create unique, creative, refreshing, and visually attractive websites.

Layers, floating elements, and soft shadows

These types of elements add a sense of depth to your website. You can use them not only for graphics but also for text and photos. By adding drop shadows and other layering elements on your 2D design you can create extra depth to your website. These designing effects give a lightweight feel to your website, with an appearance as if different elements are floating over your website. Undoubtedly, they look stylish, attractive, and unique. If you do not want your website to feel flat, you can opt for these types of website design trends. You can consult a digital marketing agency in South Carolina to include these types of elements while they are creating a website for your business.

Combine graphics and photography

Another popular website design trends that you can witness in this current year is the overlapping of original graphics over real photographs. It makes for an attractive visual, and you can unleash your creativity in this regard.  Besides, you can use this versatile designing trend on a wide variety of websites. However, in this regard, you should note that the graphics or the images you are using should complement your brand’s personality.

For instance, you can use this type of design to make bland products appear attractive or help in presenting complicated concepts such as finance and technology better. This type of trend helps you to customize your images and make them more personal. At the same time, you can use geometric designs to make your website appear sophisticated, or you can use playful designs if they go with your brand.

White Space

In recent years designers are leaning towards solid structures while designing a website for their clients. They are also using lots of white space to give a structure to the website. In 2020, you will get to observe frames of white space added in the website design. Framing provides enough space for each element on the website and helps the visuals to shine. It helps your website to appear well structured where you can separate different parts of the website. Any digital marketing agency Charleston, SC can help in creating a website for your business by incorporating this type of design.

Using Luminous color schemes

In this year, you will witness designers carrying out bold experiments by pairing various colors throughout the website. It will make you feel as if the design is coming out of your screen. They are using neons that glow in the dark for website designs. Additionally, they also combine various colors in their purest form with darker shades to provide a luminous feel to the website. In this year, you will notice that amidst dark mode and minimalistic design approach, these types of website design trends are also going to be extremely popular.

Minimalistic navigation

Apart from the appearance of the website, designers are also focusing on the navigability factor of the website. They are following a minimalistic approach in this regard. As the process of navigation through the website becomes easier, visitors can focus on the website navigating through various pages, rather than trying to figure out how to do so.

However, we would also like to suggest that don’t incorporate these designs because they are trendy. Find out what design will better suit the personality of your brand and use the appropriate ones only. In this regard, you can consult the Charleston website design companies, who have experience and expertise in the said field. As a result, they can guide you accordingly.

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